Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Now that you have fixed the dates of your wedding and the other functions connected with it, it time to move to the next, very important step. You have to decide where you want to hold the functions. It sound easy doesn’t it – there are so many beautiful places available and all you need to do is just book them! Careful – there is a lot more to this process and every step needs to be taken after careful thought.


As in real estate, one of the most important factors while choosing a wedding venue is location,. How far is the venue from the centre of town? Is it easy to locate and access? Maps drawn on cards are very useful, but the places chosen should not be so far away that they deter your guest from coming there.


Wedding venues get booked far in advance so before you begin to check out the services make sure that it is available on the days you want to hold the functions.

Amenities provided:

Five star hotels are always the best choice, if you can afford them. They have the infrastructure in place, have good food and they work like clockwork. But the other places such as banquet halls, farmhouses, resorts – all of them need to be checked out before you sign on the dotted line. They should have adequate parking, the entrances should not be in crowded roads, the toilets should be clean and easily accessible, and above all they should be able to accommodate all your guests. They should have a good reputation the kind of services they provide. The quality of the food is important, but so are the decorations and the courteous service. Make sure that you know the extra charges, if any, and have them written down, so that the final bill does not come as a shock.

Special facilities:

Most wedding venues have halls in various sizes, so that you can choose the one you want based on the number of guests coming. For a mehndi function, you need a much smaller room with a lot of sitting space; for a wedding you need large open areas, particularly if it is going to be held on good weather days.