Tips for candid wedding photography

Tips to capture candid shots at the wedding:

Hiring a professional photographer to take the more conventional pictures and hiring a candid wedding photographer service is more prudent. Once the shots are clubbed together, the effect is magical.

Here are a few tips to take into consideration to get a good set of candid shots.

1. Visit the site before-hand:

For a Candid wedding photography, it is a good idea to visit the place of the function. This can prepare the photographer in terms of the kind of camera to bring with him and how big his team needs to be.

2. Look up the lighting:

It is better to work with the lighting provided rather than carry some lamp with the candid photography team. Set up the lighting equipment ahead of the function. This can also serve as good prep time.

3. Adjust the back-drop:

Make sure the back-drop is adjusted to a pleasing look. You want the people to look natural so identify the areas from where the photographer can take shots with a very pleasing backdrop.

4. Avoid the flashes

Another important factor is to avoid using ‘flash’ option in the cameras. You do not want the light to be too bright when it encounters a person. This can also ruin the surprise factor. Our candid wedding photographers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are expert in capturing such emotional, surprising, funny and intensive shots.

With everybody owning their high pixel smart phone, the ‘One…Two…Three….Cheese!’ shots have lost the appeal they once held. Nowadays, everybody wants to have only the most natural pictures. This includes not just pictures for Facebook and Twitter, but even for the Wedding album.

So, ready get set, don’t smile!